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"I am not what has happened to me I am what I choose to become" - Carl Jung


Confidence, Motivation 

Absolutely mind-blowing experience....

Ellie definitely knows what she is doing. I embraced my own strengths that I forgot I had. Would definitely recommend it to everyone!...

Kristina, Croatia 

Construction technician


Self-worth, Self-esteem

Ellie is just amazing at what she does , such professional! Her therapy was just what i needed. She made me realize how my mind worked and why I think and react the way I did. I would highly recommend her for anyone wanting to discover themselves! ...

Marina L, London

Make-up artist

unnamed (1).jpg

Relationship issues

Ellie, I want to thank you again! This has been the most inspiring experience in all my therapy life. Finally I have what I was looking for and that is closure. For so many years and having so many different types of therapy I can truly say


Lola, UK

Civil Service

Relationships and Self-worth 

I saw Elitsa for a plethora of different reasons, anxiety, confidence, self esteem, just to name a few.  We talked for a while, and while she listened she identified that my fears surrounded relationships!!  Relationships were not even on my radar or on my lengthy list of what I thought were problems.

Using RTT and hypnosis, Elitsa took me to scenes all to do with why I was struggling in my relationships.  After identifying my negative, ingrained beliefs, she took me through a process that allowed me to let go of all those false beliefs. Today, my confidence has grown, my anxiety is pretty much non-existent, I am forming new wonderful relationships and I feel empowered and powerful.I had been to doctors, had previously taken medication for anxiety, I’d read a ton of self-help books, but it was the RTT therapy that brought everything together and gave me the inner strength to deal and let go of previous negative beliefs.  It has allowed me to move forward in a positive, joyful, exciting way.

I would highly recommend Elitsa; she has a warmth about her that truly radiates trust and caring.  She is a great listener and I am delighted to know her.

It was a great experience. 

Nioma, Canada

Confidence, Motivation

...I was overwhelmed with the session. Very calming, relaxing and deep experience. Just a thought of how amazing our minds are and the strength of the subconscious is mind-blowing. Ellie was very discrete, professional, knowledgeable and patient. She really hits the spot and goes to the root of the issue. Ellie definitely knows what she is doing. I embraced my own strengths that I forgot I had. Would definitely recommend it to everyone!

Kristina, London

Love Relationships, Confidence Boost - I AM ENOUGH

My first RTT session I had no idea what to expect I knew a little bit about what RTT was but never really had any experience in Hypnotherapy, Ellie made me feel very comfortable she was very good at explaining the process of the session and what was going to happen.

During the session Ellie  was very understanding and comforting when I need it, was very clear with instructions and I felt safe at every point even when I was going through tough points of revisiting my past.

The benefits for me in having RTT came recently after so many up’s and down in the last 4 years I got to the point that something had to change for me but I needed something different and not juts patching up my wounds with  normal therapy, I had done that so many times, RTT is the best decision I’ve made so far. 

Ellie is such an amazing person since the session she has kept in touch with me to see how I’m getting on and given me some good pointers to work on .

It’s still early days however I feel so much more positive and I don’t let negativity in as much as I used.
I can message her if I’m having a bad day and she will always get back to me with some great things that I can work on.

I feel that Ellie has really given me a new energy in life I listen to her recording every night and I tell myself every day several times a day I Am Enough!
I’m also using this on my daughter and I can see the changes in both of us.

I totally recommend Ellie, she’s an amazing and inspiring person and I’m so happy that I chose her to be my therapist I can also say she will be in my life for a very long.

Lola, Bracknell 

Attracting Love

I had a very wonderful session with Elitsa on attracting love, the session was very positive and powerful as it allowed me to explore and understand  the core beliefs that I had kept within me for many years, it also helped me release all the blocks that I was holding on. 

I love how Elitsa is able to guide the process with empathy and sensitivity. I felt very safe being able to express everything that was within me with her with ease. She truly cares about your feelings and understands how to guide you with calmness.

The recording that Elitsa made for me has helped me focus on loving myself more each day and understanding the power within me. Her voice in the recording has empowered me to gain more confidence and certainty to achieve what I desire in life.

 I highly recommend having a session with Elitsa if you are looking for ways to have attract love into your life.

Elitsa is a very warm and loving therapist, she will let you experience this process in such a magnificent way that you would completely feel relaxed and empowered after the session.

Zolinda, Bangkok
Head Teacher

Money blocks and success mindset

Amazing session with Ellie. I feel so good leaving the past behind and now I can create my own fantastic life.Thank you.

Mariann, London

Relationships, Not Feeling Good Enough

What can I say about Eli? She is just amazing at what she does, such professional! Her therapy was just what I needed. 
 She made me realize how my mind worked and why I think and react the way I did.
 Once I knew this I was able to make positive changes in my life for myself and others. 
 I would highly recommend her for anyone wanting to discover themselves. 
 Thank you beautiful soul! Keep bringing the best out of people with your therapy, and this world will be one big happy place for us all :)

Marina, London 
Make-up Artist, Beauty Consultant

Time management /Resolving self-sabotage 

Day 1 after therapy:

Wow! What a day I have had! One task after another - Dealt with! Done! Doubling up on things ...I made great progress. I'm very satisfied tired! And I feel like I was working easily about 3 times normal speed - easily and naturally without any stress or rush. Clear, precise thinking, and doing... And doubling up in bits helped! I feel accomplished and the transformation is working effectively! I felt great to be operating faster! Yeehaa! The transformation worked! I'm so happy for us both! I'm so appreciative of the difference that your RTT session has made to me! Lots of love to you!

Day 3 after therapy:

Yes! Yes! Yes! Speeding in everything... Even the amount of time I wanted to spend in the bath shortened! I'm almost speeding on the inside and on the outside getting lots done... And achieved lots...

Annie, Scotland

Relationships, Fear to love back

It was a wonderful experience to have worked with Ellie. Everything was arranged discreetly and efficiently.
Ellie is very intuitive and guides you when you feel a little bit lost. At the same time her friendly and gentle demeanor encouraged openness and trust. I would highly recommend taking Ellie on your path to self searching and growth!

Ray J, London

Self worth, Self love, Not feeling enough

Elitsa is a talented, enthusiastic therapist, she understands the situation you're in, can pin point the root cause and offer a solution to the problem. She's also very insightful and knowledgeable and used many different techniques during our session to address the cause of an issue. I felt comfortable, guided and safe. The changes were felt rapidly.

Ness N, London
Meditation coach  and Reiki healer

Stress management / General Well-Being 

Truly enlightening. My outlook on life has changed and the positivity really shows, both in my personal and professional life. I have recommended Ellie to family, friends and colleagues.

Nick, England

Software Developer 

Fear of Driving 

I had an RTT session about my driving with Elitsa. I had not driven since the birth of my children and had lost confidence. I was hesitant and sceptical if an online session would work. But a friend recommended it and I thought of trying it.

When I spoke to Elitsa her lovely warm and bubbly personality put me immediately at ease. I felt happy to talk with her. We set up an appointment and she was very professional and was well prepared!

She took lots of notes, asked lots of questions. I felt at ease with her and felt her understanding and empathy. We did the session and I found it easy, it flowed very naturally. The scenes that came out of the session were very interesting. But also Elitsa’s interpretation and competence. She gave me a recording that kept repeating my name and was full of therapeutic, healing, transformational words. Since having the session with Elitsa, my fears have vanished and I think all the time about popping into the car and going for a drive. I would highly recommend her as thoroughly lovely, competent and professional.

I.I., Dublin

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